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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Gore's early endorsement drowns out voters' voices
This op-ed from USA Today expresses pretty clearly what I've been thinking.

The former vice president's endorsement is another sign of how a compressed campaign increases the influence of party insiders at the expense of voters. Gore conceded that a quick end to the contest was behind his move, calling on Democrats to unite behind Dean as "the strongest candidate" to defeat President Bush in November.
In fact, the primary process emerged from an attempt to move away from the days when insiders picked candidates. Yet, the nation appears headed back there again.

The reasons driving the early 2004 schedule are not solely of the Democrats' making. The Bush campaign's plan to raise a record $200 million presents a formidable juggernaut. Little wonder the Democrats want to settle their race and turn to the main event.

But while the rushed schedule serves insiders' purposes, it doesn't serve the interests of voters cut out of the process.

Of course, in America, what the voters think doesn't much matter.