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Saturday, November 08, 2003

Winning the War on Terror
Headlines from CNN's main web page this morning:
Terror threat prompts closure of U.S. Embassy in Riyadh
Terrorists might use cargo planes in U.S. attack
Red Cross closing offices in Baghdad, Basra
Blowback: Afghanistan on the brink

Meanwhile, back home:
Police defend guns-drawn drug raid at school
Millions not getting school breakfasts
Some schools moving to four-day week

AWol will of course say that they said from the start that the "war on terror" would be long and hard, ignoring the fact that everything he has done since stealing office, and especially since 9/11, has worked to make it longer and harder. But it seems clear to me that this is exactly what he wanted. Money flows out of school breakfasts into Halliburton boardrooms and on to Republican fundraisers, allowing the cycle to continue. Bush is a crock, the war on terror is a crock, Congress is a crock, our current system of "government" is a crock.