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Monday, November 24, 2003

Torture Atrios!
Not really. Atrios is a fine blogger. But he's encouraging people to buy books from Amazon through his web site. I don't think he knows that Amazon is teamed with Borders, and that Borders workers here in Ann Arbor are on strike for unfair labor practices. (Well, he may know now, since I just posted a comment about it on his site.) Why don't you encourage him to take down those links while the strike is going on? Here's the post: just leave a comment. If you see Amazon links at other lefty web sites, you might want to contact them as well.

It turned quite cold today. I stopped by at Borders around 10 pm and joined the four picketers there for a while. Anybody in the area who can stop by and join the picket line for half an hour or so would be appreciated. If you can't stop, please honk when you drive by. The strike started on November 8, and without outside support it's just 50-some workers against a huge corporation. If you're not near Ann Arbor and would like to help, you can print out some flyers and pass them out outside your local Borders. Or just contribute to the strike fund.