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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Throw enough manure at the wall...
and some is bound to stick. That's the successful (in the worst sense of the word) strategy behind the Bush legislative agenda. I guess we should be rejoicing that Cheney's crime bill (actually called an energy bill, but it's passage would certainly be a crime) won't get passed this year. But it now appears that the OTHER huge gift to the corporations at the expense of the rest of us, aka the Medicare bill, will pass. This huge barrel of pork sent to the drug companies and HMO's will be touted as a "prescription drug benefit" for seniors, although its benefits will apparently go mostly to those seniors who least need it, and its overall effect will be to damage Medicare.

BTW, you readers in California REALLY need to get rid of Senator Diane Feinstein. She's sold out so many times you'd think she's a PlayStation Two. The Dems also need a new senate leader. On so many of these issues, the so-called opposition is allowing the Bushies to completely define the terms of the debate. When aWol asked for $87 billion to continue his illegal wars, where were the Democrats suggesting, say $30 billion instead? Most people have no idea how big either amount of money is, but by getting a much lower number out there, there would have been a debate, which might have led to some sort of compromise at, say $50 billion. Instead, the best they can come up with is Levin's "make some of the reconstruction money a loan" and Stabenow's ridiculous "month for America." In the end, they gave aWol $87.5 billion, with none of it a loan and no "month for America:" some compromise.

So, unless you're old, or planning to be some day, you can rejoice today that the Cheney crime bill won't pass this year.