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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Support the Workers, Atrios!
Several of us bloggers, specifically Rob Goodspeed, Elayne Riggs, and myself, have been trying to get Atrios to stop linking to Amazon while the Borders strike is on (Borders and Amazon are affiliated). Atrios' response was to post a huge Amazon link to the new Eric Alterman book. My response, in addition to continuing to complain in Atrios' comments, is to delink Atrios, reluctantly. I have taken him off my blogroll and replaced him with Elayne Riggs. A small, petty gesture, but what else can I do?

If you want to help, I'm sure you can find Atrios some other way, and add your voice either through comments or e-mail. If you stop being a progressive when it starts costing you money, you're not really a progressive at all.