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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Scandal Update
Just a sample: (sorry, Blogger doesn't seem to like tables--it's down there somewhere!)

Scandal Status Firings, Arrests, Impeachments, etc.

Florida 2000 Election Fraud
George W. Bush continues to occupy the White House Katherine Harris is now in Congress; Jeb Bush was re-elected as Florida governor last year.
Cheney Energy Task Force The energy bill is still under consideration by Congress, including the ANWR drilling. None.
9/11: What Bush Knew and When He Knew It The administration continues to stonewall the 9/11 commission. Yeah, right.
Enron/Bush manipulation of California energy prices The state was flat broke even before the recent fires Davis out, Schwarzeneggar in.
Wellstone Crash (At least I think it's a scandal) Still no
on the suspicious crash
 Republicans now control the Senate
Lies and Lying Liars on WMD's Still nothing found; WMD hunters may be reassigned as security forces involved in fighting the war the lies about WMD's started. If only.
Detainees at Guantanamo Bay Hundreds still held, some for nearly two years, with no legal rights. Several military personnel arrested, probably for having sympathy for the "detainees."
Enemy Combatants Two or three US citizens detained indefinitely without charges or legal representation. Ashcrotch seeking Patriot Act II.
Wilson/Plame Affair Professionals at Justice Department professionally dragging their professional feet. Expect report after 2004 election or hell freezing over, whichever comes last. Plame's career is ruined, and her life and those of her CIA contacts are now in danger.
Big Republican Donor Corporations given Huge Contracts Business as usual. Congress just approved $87 billion more for Halliburton's bottom line.