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Monday, November 17, 2003

No George. YOU are the security risk.
In a blunt message to protesters threatening to gridlock London during his visit, he said: “I would tell the sceptics that I have a job to protect the security of the United States of America — that Saddam Hussein was a security risk.” -- From aWol's interview with the Murdoch-owned Sun.

The Sun features naked women on page 3, but this interview is surely the most obscene thing they've ever run. As with Murdoch's NY Post and Fox News, they don't even pretend impartiality. Here's a cholce quote from the story:

In what appeared to be a swipe at France and Germany, who deserted the Allies in the run-up to war in Iraq, [Bush] said:

Deserted the Allies? Bush and Blair propose an insane, criminal, totally unjustified war, and objecting to it ever so slightly is "desertion?" The Sun should really be more careful using the word "deserted" when talking with Mr. Deserter himself.

(Gag warning--don't read the rest of this post on a full stomach.)

The article about the interview concluded thusly:

I then asked President Bush the question asked recently by thousands of Sun readers: Is the world a safer place since the war in Iraq? He replied: “Yes, much safer. The free world has recognised the threat.

“In order to make the world safe, you’ve got to see reality.

And the reality is that there are cold-blooded killers who are trying to intimidate, create fear and shape the will of the civilised world.

“They are killers capable of hiding in societies. They are patient, they are lethal, they pop up and they will destroy. They don’t care who they destroy. They will kill children just as soon as they’ll kill somebody in a military uniform.”

In Friday’s exclusive interview, the President said coalition forces ended Saddam’s tyranny, smashed the grip of al-Qa’ida in Afghanistan and forced the United Nations to stop turning its back on terror.

But America would act again, alone if necessary, for the long-term safety of the world. And he told how the US had learned not to rely on handwringing do-gooders.

He said: “One of my vows to the American people is, I won’t forget the lessons of September 11, 2001.

“I was at Ground Zero after the attacks. I remember this haze and the smells and the death and destruction. I’ll always remember that.

“I made up my mind right then. We were at war and we were going to win the war. And I still feel that determination today that I did then.

“Presidents and Prime Ministers should never worry about how they are viewed in short-term history. I think in terms of long-term history.

“I set big goals. And I know what we’re doing is going to have a positive effect on this world.”

It's just amazing that anybody can be this stupid, or so unaware that he IS the evil he claims to deplore.