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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Morning News Shows
My internet connection at home is still screwed up, so I turned on the TV at 7 this morning hoping to find out what's going on. The top two stories on ABC, NBC and CBS? Michael Jackson and Laci Peterson. The idiot pResident is making a fool of himself (no trick there) in England, being protested by 100,000 people while turning London into an armed camp. Meanwhile, the war on houses and trees continues, with our military applying the same sort of collective punishment measures that made the Nazis so popular in World War II and that the Israelis have used with such stunning success in Palestine. (Insert sarcasticon here.)

Michael Jackson and Laci Peterson are more important than all that?

[Update] Atrios is with me on this. Okay, he beat me to it, but I hadn't seen his post before I made mine.