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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Miami Police State Update
Michelle has two posts concerning the brutal repression of the FTAA/SOA protests in Miami and Columbus, GA. The first is a letter from the United Steel Workers to Congressional leaders, copied to the appropriate thugs who ran the operation, including Jeb Bush. The lowlights include:

When the wife of a retired Steelworker from Grantsville, Utah, verbally protested what she considered the abusive treatment of a student activist at the entrance of the AFL-CIO rally on Friday, November 21, she was slammed to the ground face down by police and a gun was aimed point blank at the back of her head. A Steelworker who witnessed the violent repression reported that she was so terrified that her entire body was literally vibrating.

In a case of blatant entrapment, a secretary in our International Headquarters in Pittsburgh, and a local Steelworker activist from Wisconsin who had worked all day as a parade marshal and was wearing a bright orange marshal's vest emblazoned with the words "AFL-CIO Peace Keeper," were returning to their hotel, when they were directed by armed police to abandon the sidewalk and to proceed down a set of trolley tracks. Once on the tracks, they were immediately pounced upon by armed riot police, handcuffed and arrested. They were forced to remain in cuffs for hours on end, even when visiting the washroom.

Michelle's second post has stories from a variety of sources about police atrocities at both venues.