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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

It's 24 Time!
Another fine Tuesday is upon us, as is another 3600 seconds of cold-turkey hell for John Fitzgerald Bauer. Having broken his worst enemy out of jail, assaulting his daughter's boyfriend and releasing hundreds of hardened criminals in the process, he still doesn't know where his next fix is coming from. Will Kyle Singer and his scantily-clad attractive girlfriend break free from their containment pod, threatening to release the virus? 65% chance. Will Kim discover the mole at CTU, only to be taken hostage by him? 98% chance--she wouldn't be Kim Bauer otherwise. Will whatever resolutions to last week's crises are found only lead to even greater troubles? (100% chance; heck, we've still got 20 hours to go!)

Join Peaceniks for Violent Television! Watch 24 tonight! (Don't buy any of the stuff advertised, though--don't want any money going to Rupert Murdoch.)