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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

I'd be pretty concerned if I were Tony Blair right now
The US supported Saddam Hussein for a dozen years of so, not counting US support which helped the Baath party come into power in the first place.

We supported Osama bin Laden and his Mujahadin allies for nine years or so when they were "freedom fighters" in Afghanistan. (Some of them are still trying to chase foreign invaders out of the country, using the same methods, but we call them "terrorists" now.)

We supported Noriega in Panama for several years before turning on him.

Well, aWol operates on an accelerated schedule:

July: Iraqi Governing Council appointed.

Monday: US 'wants Iraq council scrapped'

Wednesday (today): U.S. troops opened fire accidentally on a car carrying a member of the Iraqi Governing Council

Of course, he was lucky (The council member escaped injury but his driver was hurt). On Sunday, US forces killed a US-appointed local leader in Iraq.