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Friday, November 07, 2003

Go Michelle!
A month ago, I suggested to reader Michelle from Missouri that maybe she should start her own blog. She said at first that she wouldn't, saying she could never keep it up. Well, she changed her mind, and now I have trouble keeping up with her! Lots of great stuff on her blog!

Two of my favorite bloggers, Tom Tomorrow and Atrios, became my favorite bloggers because they would link to interesting stuff that you'd miss if you just checked the standard news sites. While they're still great bloggers, I think they spend WAY too much blog space responding to the inanities of wingnuts like Andrew Sullivan, Glenn Reynolds, and Donald Luskin. I have only the vaguest notion who these people are, and don't really care much. So I've been looking for some other blogs to help me find the really cool or outrageous stories that we really need to know about. Michelle seems to have stepped right in and delivered! Thanks Michelle!

And if you catch me spending my time whining about Andy or Glenn or Donald, please let me know, and go read Michelle's blog until I've recovered.

But do what you will anyway.TM