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Thursday, November 20, 2003

FTAA Derailed?
An ugly and bloodier ending to the Miami FTAA meeting was averted by a sudden decision tonight to end the closed official events one day early. FTAA co-chairs from the US and Brazil both described the summit as a step forward though it was widely understood that the agreement was far less than the American business community and the White House originally hoped for.-- AlterNet

Outside, according to that article, the cops were over-reacting at every chance, using pepper spray, rubber bullets and arrests for no reason. The local "news" media was embedded with the cops, in more ways than one. AlterNet reports:

So began a day that could be explained as a planned overreaction by the City of Miami, the Governor of Florida and his supportive brother in the White House. Within a few hours, the massive police force was firing pepper gas and rubber bullets at 120 miles an hour against a small crowd of surrounded resisters who could have been easily contained.

In any case, let's hope that Lula and other South American leaders have really stood up to Bush and the multinationals and derailed this most recent reverse-Robinhood scheme. The FTAA, like NAFTA, is a "trickle-up" scheme: take what little the poor have left and jam it into the already over-stuffed pockets of the wealthy.