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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

The Doctor has a new commercial
And his respect for the truth seems to match his respect for public financing of elections:

The commercial goes on to note that Gephardt supported Bush's recent $87 billion spending request for Iraq and Afghanistan. Dean tells viewers that he opposed both the war resolution and the spending bill, adding, "our party and our country need new leadership." -- CNN

From the September 25 debate:
WILLIAMS: Is that an up or down, yes or no, on the $87 billion per se?

DEAN: On the $87 billion for Iraq?


DEAN: We have no choice, but it has to be financed by getting rid of all the president's tax cuts.

Dean is 100% pure unadulterated politician. He will say whatever it takes to get elected. Replacing Bush with Dean would be like leaving the Titanic for a lifeboat with a leak in it. Maybe we'll survive until something better comes along, or maybe we'll just drown slower. C'mon, progressives! Emerge from Deanial and support a candidate for real change: Kucinich 2004!