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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Bushies want to ban protests in London
Anti-war protesters claim that US authorities have demanded a rolling "exclusion zone" around President George Bush during his visit, as well as a ban on marches in parts of central London. -- the Independent

The Stop The War Coalition said yesterday that it had been told by the police that it would not be allowed to demonstrate in Parliament Square and Whitehall next Thursday - a ban it said it was determined to resist. The coalition says that it has also been told by British officials that American officials want a distance kept between Mr Bush and protesters, for security reasons and to prevent their appearance in the same television shots.

Imagine the nerve of those uppity colonists across the pond, daring to show disrespect to the idiot emperor.

It is reported that Mr Bush's entourage will number around 500 with up to 200 members of the security service. The Americans are also said to be bringing a US Marine Corps Sea King helicopter, a Black Hawk helicopter and 15 sniffer dogs.

Jeez, another invasion.

Maybe he should go to Rome, instead. They've got to love him there after today's truck bombing in Nasiriya that killed at least 15 Italians. He might not be too welcome back here, either--two more soldiers were killed today, bringing the total, I believe, to 400.

How about exile on Elba?