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Monday, November 17, 2003

Bushies tell US corporations to pull out of Britain
According to the Evening Standard, US firms have been told to close down UK operations and bring jobs to the US. This apparently in retaliation for the WTO ruling against US steel tariffs.

US-based multinationals have been told they will receive compensation from American trade authorities if they cancel contracts in Britain and take jobs home, according to CBI director-general Digby Jones.

The allegations come only a day before Bush arrives in London for his controversial State visit and escalate the storm of protest he has already caused by slapping big protectionist tariffs on European steel imports.

Speaking at the CBI's annual conference in Birmingham, Jones said: 'Three chief executives of American companies investing in Britain have told me to my face that they have been told to close down, bring their stuff home and make it in the US.'

He said the companies were major employers in defence or manufacturing.

I've already warned Tony Blair once that there is no upside to being a friend of the Bushies--ask Manuel Noriega or Saddam Hussein. He'll turn on Blair in a Crawford minute if he thinks it will get him electoral votes in Pennsylvania or Ohio. AWol's trip across the pond should be VERY interesting; Michelle is following it closely.