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Friday, November 28, 2003

Bush sneaks in, sneaks out, but soldiers keep dying
AWol's two-and-a-half hour stealth visit to Iraq is over, but for many Americans currently in Iraq, they only get to come home in "transfer tubes." Another one got his ticket in Mosul today.

And here's a big surprise: aWol says his visit was "the right thing to do."

"This was the best way to thank them," he said.

NO, moron. The best way to thank them would have been for you to stay there, and let the troops fly home on Air Force One. From aWol's comments in the article, it sounds like the trip made him even more insufferably smug than ever, if that was possible.

In case you think he may have done this out of the goodness of his heart (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!), consider these quotes:

[Bush] said he "was the biggest skeptic of all" about the trip, but "our planners worked hard to answer all the questions -- and I had a lot of questions."

"I think Americans understand that we have a bunch of kids in harm's way, and that a president -- if it can be done safely -- owes an explanation of thanks and thanksgiving to these kids," he said.
"I understood the consequences and risks. And over time, I was assured by our planners and, as importantly, our military people and the pilot here of this airplane that the risk could be minimized if we kept the trip quiet," he said.

"I was fully prepared to turn this plane around."

In other words, Karl Rove told him he had to go if he wanted to keep his re-selection hopes alive, but Bush still had to be absolutely convinced that he himself was not in harm's way. And "owes an explanation of thanks and thanksgiving?" Did the idiot-in-chief mean, maybe, an "expression of thanks" instead? I mean, he certainly owes them an explanation, but not the usual BS about pilgrims and Indians. (See Pen-Elayne's post which links to several good articles about the real story of the pilgrims and the Native Americans.)