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Sunday, November 02, 2003

At least 14 more soldiers killed today

A Chinook helicopter, carrying some 35 soldiers to an R and R break, was shot down by a missile. At least 13 were killed and 20 wounded; another soldier was killed in a separate attack.

And, from the NY Times, the "hearts and minds" thing doesn't seem to be going well:

Some Iraqis were jubilant. "The Americans are pigs. We will hold a celebration because this helicopter went down -- a big celebration," said wheat farmer Saadoun Jaralla near the crash site. "The Americans are enemies of mankind."

Well, at least the schools are reopening, right, George?

Many fearful parents kept their children out of schools in the capital for the second day in a row, and some of the pupils who did show up for class seemed terrified.

Outside the Baghdad Middle School for Girls, one of three armed guards said some pupils had wept when dropped off by their parents. The deputy headmistress, who declined to give her name, said only about a fifth of her 750 pupils had turned up.

"They're staying away because they're afraid of explosions. We've tried to assure parents that it's safe," she said.

I guess the positive news that Bush will want reported is that one of two helicopters didn't get shot down, and 20% of schoolchildren are making it to class.