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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

A very tough call, but I think I hate Powell the most.
Read this crap:

Powell spoke at length about Iraq during his speech and during an earlier interview with the Free Press. He said he believes a weapons of mass destruction program will be found in Iraq.

"There is no doubt in my mind" the United States will find evidence of Saddam Hussein's weapons program, Powell said. "It wasn't a figment of anyone's imagination."

Powell criticized those who questioned whether Hussein had deadly weapons before the war.

Some people thought that "sweet Saddam Hussein, who was willing to gas 5,000 people on a spring day in 1988, was suddenly a different Saddam Hussein," Powell said during the Free Press interview.

"Other nations might have been willing to make that judgment, but not President Bush. He wasn't going to walk away from the challenge."
(Powell was speaking at the U.S. - Arab Economic Forum in Detroit yesterday.)

No weapons, Colin. No threat. No challenge. Sweet or sour, Saddam had no power. Not to harm us. You said so yourself. And since you were national security advisor to Reagan when the U.S. was supporting Saddam, knowing full well that he was using chemical weapons, you are fully complicit in Halabja.

Bush is an amoral idiot. He doesn't know any better. Powell is a whore. By choice.