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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

A couple of months ago, the Republicans in Congress and at the Democratic Leadership Committee were claiming that no one could successfully run for president by opposing Bush's war in Iraq. Well, Senator Robert Byrd (D-Almost Heaven) called Iraq "the president's war" yesterday, and Republicans took immediate offense:

''It's not the president's war. It's our war,'' [NM Republican Sen. Pete] Domenici said, alluding to the congressional vote authorizing military action in Iraq. ''In fact,'' he continued, ''I might say that I disagree with (Sen. Byrd's) entire statement. It has things in it that aren't true. It has things in it that aren't valid.''

Hmm...sounds familiar. But since when are Republican senators concerned about things that aren't valid? Sixteen words, anyone?

Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho), a committee member, said Monday that Byrd's comments were part of an ''emerging Democratic Party strategy'' being formulated in think tanks and among Democratic presidential candidates. ''We heard it in Bob Byrd today,'' he said. ''This is about trying to tag the war on a sitting president, so they can run against him in the '04 election.''

Tag the war on Bush? Like it was something that just happened, like Isabel, and Byrd was unfairly blaming Bush for all the death, destruction and expense. No Bush, no war. Simple as that.

So I guess Bush will have to run on the economy. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Maybe if Bush had listened to our focus group last February he'd have a better chance at reappointment.