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Thursday, September 25, 2003

Just a coincidence, I'm sure
On Tuesday, aWol bizarrely added a bunch of stuff about sex slavery to his "Despite all evidence to the contrary, I was right, you were wrong, it's your moral duty to send lots of troops and money" speech to the UN. Yesterday, a 69-year-old military veteran named Clark was arrested for alledgedly going to Cambodia to have sex with young boys. At least CNN's headline was "Man charged in U.S. for child sex crimes abroad," but I can certainly envision some Murdoch papers coming up with more scandalous-appearing headlines.

The article says:

The Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which investigated the case, credited Cambodian authorities with fully cooperating in the case and making the arrest.

So why wasn't the guy held in Cambodia and tried there? (He was indicted in Seattle.) Is it a crime there? If the next guy in were an Aussie or a Saudi, would he have been arrested? I mean, I'm appalled by sex slavery, but the idea that somebody can get arrested in another country, by that country's police, for breaking an American law, seems to suggest that that country has ceded its sovereignty. Is a London cop going to arrest me for driving on the left side of the road in London because that's against the law in the US?

Again, I'm not condoning the guy's behavior (if he did it). But it sure looks like some sort of setup.