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Sunday, September 28, 2003

Colin Powell, serial liar
Even with that gap in coverage, Powell said to assume that Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction "defies the logic of the situation over the years and what we know about this regime." -- ABC's This Week.

Earth to Colin: There are no weapons there. Iraq said there weren't. The UN looked. The Army looked. David Kay and the CIA looked. NO WEAPONS! You yourself said two and a half years ago that Iraq had no significant WMD capability.

Talk about defying the logic of the situation. What motivates these people? Is getting filthier richer that important? Keeping the fawning adoration of the ignorant millions? Surely they can't still believe that this bloody, muddled end justified the criminal means, or that eventually a neocon "democracy" will somehow emerge in Iraq and make everyone happy. I can barely understand where Bush is coming from--he was raised to be mean and snooty, not to mention that it might be hereditary. But did West Point train Powell to do or say whatever his superior officers said, no matter how illegal or insane? If so, we'd better inspect General Clark very carefully.