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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Republicans Continue the War on Democracy
According to the Washington Post, Republicans in Ohio are considering following the Texas lead by trying to re-re-district a few more Democrats out of the US House of Representatives. Let me be the first to offer my spare bedroom to any Ohio Democratic state legislator who needs to leave the state to break quorum.

Seriously, this is a very serious threat to what is left of our democracy. It's starting to remind me of playing Monopoly with my brother when I was a kid. If he got the first monopoly, he'd stack it with houses, and pretty soon his small advantage turned into a larger one, and after that I'd just suffer through another half hour of mortgaging my properties and trying to quit. The Republicans are doing everything possible to make any temporary advantage they have permanent, through redistricting, recalls, and right-wing judges.

To me, the best answer to the redistricting fiascos is to do away with congressional districts entirely. Michigan has fifteen seats in the House--let's use some form of preferential voting to vote for all of them statewide. Maybe each voter gets five equally-weighted votes, or gets to cast weighted votes from 15 down to 1. Top 15 vote getters are our congressional delegation. It would destroy the two-party system. Good riddance.