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Sunday, August 31, 2003

Got any outrage left? Read this:

A definite bombshell from Time magazine:

The article quotes extensively from a book by Gerald Posner. It describes the US interrogation of al Qaeda suspect Abu Zubaydah in Afghanistan. According to Time, the story reported by Posner comes from two government sources, one high in the Bush administration and the other in the CIA. And the story is:

Zubaydah revealed numerous links between Osama bin Laden and the Pakistani and (especially) the Saudi governments. He revealed this because the interrogators led him to believe that he had been extradited to Saudi Arabia, thinking he would fear torture. Instead, he told the fake Saudis to call his contacts in the government, and he gave them phone numbers of some Saudi princes. According to Posner, these phone numbers checked out.

Posner also claims that Zubaydah said that high Saudi and Pakistani officials knew that there would be a big terrorist attack on the US on September 11, but that they didn't know the details.

One more thing: all of this stuff was reportedly revealed by Zubaydah in April 2002. So how did the Bushies react to evidence that two so-called allies helped to fund, and knew in advance about, September 11:

The Bush Administration, writes Posner, decided that "creating an international incident and straining relations with those regional allies when they were critical to the war in Afghanistan and the buildup for possible war with Iraq, was out of the question."

In other words, maintain alliances with the two countries most directly involved in 9/11 in order to attack a country which was peripherally involved (Afghanistan) and one which had no connection to it at all (Iraq).