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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

A sad day in Ann Arbor
From the Ann Arbor Area Committee for Peace:
You may have already heard the news that Rabih Haddad has been deported. He arrived in Lebanon earlier this evening, where he was detained at the airport. His circumstances at present are unclear.

Rabih's deportation was done quickly. His family was not notified until he was in Amsterdam, on a stop-over during his flight. It is also unclear how much
longer his wife and children will remain in the U.S.

The Ann Arbor Area Committee for Peace has supported due process and the civil liberties of Rabih Haddad since he was arrested on December 14, 2001. Many of us have become friends with Rabih's family and friends. Our communities have grown closer during this time -- probably the one positive result of Rabih's detention. The bonds of friendship that have been developed are especially important now, as the Muslim community grieves the deportation of one of its most esteemed and loved members. Please express your support in whatever ways you can.

I will forward more information as it becomes available, and will also pass on specific requests for assistance for the Haddad family.

Rabih Haddad was a respected member of the Ann Arbor community. He was arrested in front of his family on 12/14/01, and has been held without charges ever since. No real explanation for his arrest or continued confinement was ever given. While I didn't know him personally, I know many people who did, and all agree that he is a kind and peaceful man who would not have had anything to do with terrorism.