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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Man-on-dog Logic:
"Obviously, when you use foreign intelligence, you we don't have necessarily as much confidence or as much reliability as you do your own," said Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, the No. 3 Republican in the Senate.

"It has since turned out to be, at least according to the reports that have been just released, not true," he added. "The president stepped forward and said so. I think that's all you can expect."
-- NY Times.

Okay, follow along with me, Senator Sanitarium, if you can (a big if): The foreign intelligence said that Iraq may have tried to buy uranium from Niger. Our own CIA and DIA intelligence indicated that this was likely false. The CIA said that Iraq was highly unlikely to use WMD's, if it had them, unless attacked. The CIA also said there was no evidence of Iraq-al Qaeda ties. So, if it is obvious to you that foreign intelligence is more suspect than our own, it should also be obvious that we should expect the president to believe it over the foreign crap. And since the domestic intelligence said that Iraq posed little threat and was not tied to 9-11, it should be obvious that Bush lied to go to war. It should be obvious that he should not only be impeached, but tried for murder, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. Obviously.