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Friday, July 18, 2003

CBS News Exposes Supermarket Club Cards: A minor story compared to the president lying to us so he can go to war, but still something to watch. Long-time blog readers already know that I hate the Kroger Plus card, Farmer Jack's Savings Card, and all similar wallet-cramming scams. I avoid Krogers, Farmer Jack's and Hillers like the plague, shopping mostly at the People's Food Coop and the Merchant of Vino, with occasional trips to Meijer's and Busch's. Not only do these cards not save you money, they are an invasion of your privacy and discriminatory as well. They're also a pain when they add fifteen seconds or so to the checkout of every person ahead of you in line while they look for their stupid cards or key tags.

Check out Katherine Albrecht's CASPIAN web site for much more on the evil of supermarket cards.