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Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Can anyone tell me why the deaths of those two conjoined Iranian twins got more press coverage than the deaths of any of the 232 US soldiers killed in Iraq so far? Same question for Laci Peterson, Jon Benet Ramsey, Nicole Brown Simpson, that Baylor basketball player. Chandra Levy may have died because of her involvement with one Congressman. The 232 soldiers have died because of the misdeeds of hundreds of members of Congress and the lies of the most corrupt, evil administration in this country's history. But I can only tell you the name of one of those dead soldiers, and that's probably more than most Americans can. How long would the Bush criminal gang last if every soldier's death were treated by the media like Laci Peterson's, or if every wounded soldier's story, all 1000+ of them, were told like Jessica Lynch's?