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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Take Back the Airwaves! The Senate Commerce Committee will vote tomorrow on legislation to overturn the FCC's recent ruling which would allow even more media consolidation. And although the Commerce Committee has a 12 to 11 Republican majority, some of the Republicans, including Trent Lott and Kay Bailey Hutchinson, are in favor of overturning the FCC decision. If you have a senator on the commerce committee, please call him or her today. Otherwise, call your senators anyway and tell them to put pressure on those who are on the committee. All senators can be reached through the capitol switchboard: 800-839-5276.

[Update] While you're talking to your senators' aides, you should ask them to have the senators support Sen. Leahy's call for consensus on Supreme Court nominees. Unless, of course, you'd really like to see Rehnquist and O'Connor replaced by John Ashcroft and Pat Robertson.