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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

How the Pentagon could have failed to secure the known nuclear sites is unbelievable. -- Thomas Friedman. I'm not a big Friedman fan--he supported going to war seemingly on "practical" grounds. The illegal nature of the enterprise didn't seem to bother him much--Saddam was a bad guy so taking him out was a good thing. And Friedman's problems with the Bushies now seem to be strictly of a practical nature: he doesn't mind that they do something wrong, as long as they do it right. But, as he points out, they're not doing it right, not even close.

I saw a comment on a web site (sorry, I lost the link) that said something like "Why all of the debate over whether Bush lied or was merely incompetent? He lied/lies AND he was/is incompetent." Whether liar or incompetent bumbler, or both, he has no business running the world. And if soulless pragmatists like Friedman will attack him only from the incompetent side, that's okay.