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Thursday, June 05, 2003

And Some People Still Wonder Why They Hate America:
Frank's senior enlisted man, Sgt. Major Dwight Brown told the troops before Bush's appearance, "I don't want any damn catcalls from the crowd. We have the president of the United States coming to tell us what a great job we did destroying those heathen up in northern Iraq." -- from a Washington Post article about Bush's most recent gloating. The trip ended with a 66-minute flyover at 31,000 feet by Air Force One, with F-18's at each wingtip. A senior administration officials said the detour "was to show that Iraq is now free." Yup. Having a conquering foreign emperor buzz your capitol city just because he can is a sure sign of freedom. And maybe I missed something, but I don't recall "destroying heathen" as one of the reasons given for the war. And warning troops who have given up the better part of a year risking their lives to find non-existent weapons that they'd better not make any "catcalls" sounds just like something a Hitler or Saddam Hussein would do. What a pompous, stupid twit.