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Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Affirmative Action. As a University of Michigan employee, I should probably have a lot to say about the Supreme Court rulings yesterday regarding U of M admissions policies. But Cyndy already has two posts on it, here and here. So I'll just add two paragraphs from University President Mary Sue Coleman's remarks on the rulings:

This is a tremendous victory for the University of Michigan, for all of higher education, and for the hundreds of groups and individuals who supported us. A majority of the Court has firmly endorsed the principle of diversity articulated by Justice Powell in the Bakke decision. This is a resounding affirmation that will be heard across the land—from our college classrooms to our corporate boardrooms.

The Court has provided two important signals. The first is a green light to pursue diversity in the college classroom. The second is a road map to get us there. We will modify our undergraduate system to comply with today’s ruling, but make no mistake: We will find the route that continues our commitment to a richly diverse student body.

I'll also note that some right wingers are furious with the Supreme Court for actually considering the merits of a case instead of going with the straight party line. I can understand the right-wing confusion after the 2000 election decision.