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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Advice for the Bushies: Another Sunday talk show cycle is rapidly approaching, and Colin, Condi, Rummy and the gang are quickly running out of excuses. Karl Rove may already be working on it, but if not, I hereby offer a suggestion. Here is this week's spin:

"Why is everyone suddenly all concerned with finding Iraq's weapons of mass destruction? It's not like we don't have tons of them here in America, and of a much higher quality than anything Iraq could have put together. And we've got delivery systems that can put them down any chimney anywhere in the world. Plus the facilities to make plenty more at a moment's notice. Even many of our allies, like Pakistan and Israel, would find Iraq's alleged weapons hopelessly primitive compared to what they have. Why would we need to scour the deserts of Iraq looking for weapons that are probably past their expiration date anyway? These liberal nay-sayers just don't think things through."

No need to thank me, Karl. Just a patriotic American doing his part.