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Monday, May 19, 2003

"Person of interest" gets hit by FBI SUV that was tailing him, gets a ticket for his troubles. Steven Hatfill has been hinted about and harrassed for nearly a year now because the feds think he may somehow be connected to the anthrax killings of October, 2001. I don't know, maybe he's guilty, but isn't the FBI capable of carrying out an investigation in a reasonable length of time? At this point, it looks like they are just going to harrass him for the rest of his life. (from AP.)

Full disclosure: After reading Nicholas Kristof's column last July 2, and a WSWS followup, I was pretty convinced that Hatfill was a prime suspect. I then saw Hatfill give a press conference presenting his side, and he at least seemed to be telling the truth, and provided reasonable explanations for the "coincidences" linking him to the anthrax letters. Of course, that's probably exactly how a cold-blooded killer would behave. Still, I think following a guy around day and night, running into him with an SUV, and then giving him a ticket for it might well constitute cruel and unusual punishment for someone who hasn't been convicted of a crime--or even charged.