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Monday, May 05, 2003

Ignore Their Words: from Seeing the Forest. As with most of what is written at Seeing the Forest, this is well thought out and well written. I'm not sure it's right, though. With our state-run media, it is hard to come up with indisputable facts: There were/are WMD's in Iraq, or not; Saddam was linked to al Qaeda and 9/11, or not; etc. But the Bushies have regularly and spectacularly contradicted themselves many times, apparently relying on the national attention deficit disorder to cover their tracks. But for convincing people that they are lying, pointing out the contradictions, in the Bushies' own words, should be effective (although Americans have become skilled practitioners of doublethink). Still, if you can quote Bush or Powell from the weeks immediately preceding the war saying that Iraq's WMD's exist and pose an imminent threat to the US, and then quote them from the past week suggesting that maybe the weapons were destroyed just before the war, or on any number of other contradictions, it may be possible to crack the facade of those whose brainwashing isn't complete.