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Saturday, February 15, 2003

Warming up! I just got back from Lansing a short while ago. It was an excellent march, all the way from Michigan State University in East Lansing to the state capitol building, a distance of 3 1/2 miles. It was the first time I had seen significant numbers of counter-protesters, although their numbers were tiny compared to ours (maybe 30 compared to maybe 4000). We shouted them down with "Peace is Patriotic" as we marched by. It's still scary that there are any people at all left who believe the giant web of lies constructed by the Bushies.

The rally was too long for the cold weather, but it featured a fine speech from a Republican state legislator (more details on who he is when I can find out!). I spent much of the time trying to sell "World's Largest Human Peace Sign" T-shirts, with quite a bit of success, since many of the people in Lansing had been in Ann Arbor the week before, and therefore were in the photo of the peace sign.

It looks like things were impressive all over the world, and at least the Washington Post had a fine headline: "Several Million Anti-War Activists Rally Worldwide." As seems to have become standard for the supposedly liberal NY Times, they downplayed the events and ran a disgusting editorial that could have been written in Dick Cheney's basement.

So, keep up the pressure: protest, call, write, e-mail. Bush is becoming more and more isolated. Let's keep going until he's all by his little ol' stupid lonesome.