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Tuesday, February 04, 2003

The only thing that keeps the Bushies from pursuing some of their evil goals is their devotion to other evil goals: According to the NY Times, the administration will delay suing Europe for banning genetically-modified food in hopes of gaining their acquiesence in the further destruction of Iraq.

Robert B. Zoellick, the United States trade representative, had warned that the administration would decide by this week whether to sue the Europeans for what he called their "immoral" opposition to genetically modified food that was leading to starvation in the developing world.

GM food, along with Zoellick, are the really immoral things here. GM crops are a serious threat to the entire world's food supply, and even if they were safe (which they aren't), they are an attempt by Monsanto and other evil agribusinesses to privatize living organisms. In case you've missed it, the Bush administration is attempting, on every front and in every way, to destroy most of the world and control the rest of it. It's up to us to stop them.