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Wednesday, February 12, 2003

If they're agin 'em, I'm fer 'em!
A right-wing web site,, has compiled a list of Hollywood celebrities to boycott because of their anti-war stances. Thank you,, for making the task of preparing my list of celebrity heroes for me! And maybe I'm wrong, but I think you'll tire of Arnold movies after a while...

The list: 1. Martin Sheen 2. Alec Baldwin 3. Jessica Lange 4. Sean Penn 5. Susan Sarandon 6. Ed Harris 7. Woody Harrelson 8. John Cusak 9. Mike Farrell 10. Robert Altman 11. George Clooney 12. Barbara Streisand 13. Tyne Daley 14. Ed Asner 15. Bradley Whitford 16. Danny Glover 17. Casey Kasem 18. Sally Kirkland 19. Oliver Stone 20. Sheryl Crowe 21. Michael Moore 22. Harry Belafonte 23. Jane Fonda 24. Tim Robbins 25. Kevin Spacey 26. Steven Earle 27. Gillian Anderson 28. Kim Basinger 29. Ed Begley, Jr. 30. Jackson Browne 31. (REM)Peter Buck and Michael Stipe 32. Diahann Carroll 33. Don Cheadle 34. Jill Clayburgh 35. Peter Coyote 36. Lindsay Crouse 37. Matt Damon 38. Vincent D’Onofrio 39. David Duchovny 40. Olympia Dukakis 41. Charles S. Dutton 42. Hector Elizondo 43. Cary Elwes 44. Mia Farrow 45. Laurence Fishburne 46. Sean Patrick Flanery 47 Bonnie Franklin 48. Jeananne Garafalo 49. Melissa Gilbert 50. Elliott Gould 51. Robert Guillaume 52. Ethan Hawke 53. Ken Howard 54. Helen Hunt 55. Anjelica Huston 56. Samuel L. Jackson 57. Jane Kaczmarek 58. Melina Kanakaredes 59. Tea Leoni 60. Wendie Malick 61. Camryn Manheim 62. Marsha Mason 63. Richard Masur 64. Dave Matthews 65. Esai Morales 66. Ed O'’Neill 67. Chris Noth 68. Alexandra Paul 69. CCH Pounder 70. Bonnie Raitt 71. Carl Reiner 72. Tony Shalhoub 73. Gloria Steinem 74. Marcia Strassman 75. Loretta Swit 76. Studs Terkel 77. Lily Tomlin 78. Blair Underwood 79. Dennis Weaver 80. Bradley Whitford 81. James Whitmore 82. Alfre Woodard 83. Noah Wyle 84. Moby 85. Robert Redford 86. Kathleen Turner 87. Joan Cusak 88. Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream 89. Dustin Hoffman

Print that list out and take it with you the next time you go to the video store! From the movies I've seen, I'd recommend "Three Kings" (George Clooney and very topical), "As Good As It Gets" (Helen Hunt), "The Big One" (Michael Moore--I actually liked it better than "Bowling for Columbine"), "Thelma and Louise" (Susan Sarandon), "Blue Sky" (Jessica Lange), "Enemy at the Gates" (Ed Harris), "JFK" (Oliver Stone). If you are in a really good mood and just can't stand it anymore, rent "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" (Jane Fonda) which is about the most depressing movie I've ever seen. Or stay at home and watch M*A*S*H reruns (Mike Farrell and Loretta Swit, while Elliott Gould was in the original movie directed by Robert Altman).