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Sunday, February 16, 2003

Condi's at it again: She says Bush won't back down in the face of worldwide opposition to his insane plans. Okay, I'm paraphrasing slightly. IMHO, the Bush administration is the most despicable and dangerous group of people since at least the Nazis. Meanwhile, those mean-faced middle-aged women and smug frat boys carrying pictures of W yesterday to protest our protest are probably the most pitiful group of people I've personally ever seen.

If you wonder what sort of people these "freepers" are, read this intro to their list of celebrities to boycott, with emphasis added by me:

We the undersigned American Citizens stand against Wealthy Hollywood Celebrities abusing their status to speak for us. We do not believe that they have a clear understanding of how we live, what we fear, and what we support. We believe that celebrities Martin Sheen, Mike Farrell, Tim Robbins, Rob Reiner, Barbara Streisand, and others with them are using their celebrity to interfere with the defense of our country. We believe that Hollywood Celebrities use their wealth to make their own personal issues known while Americans would never have the resources to speak out in this manner. We support President Bush in his efforts to defend our homeland, to defend democracy, and to take any measures to end the threat of terrorism. We do not claim to know more than anyone, especially President Bush. We elect a President who we can trust to make proper decisions based on facts available to him and not available to the rest of us. This is one reason trustworthiness and character is important in the people we elect into office. War is not easy, there are many before us who sacrificed their lives for freedom and if supporting citizens in other countries who cry out for democracy and freedom aids in the war against terrorism we support it.

In other words, we revel in our stupidity, we love our stupid leader (who by the way has more resources than anyone to speak out in any fool way he pleases--and does), we like it when he frightens us because it gives us cause to hate. And while we think the previous president, even though he actually got more votes than his opponents, wasn't trustworthy because of some sexual indiscretions (okay, the freepers probably don't know that word, since they don't know more than anyone), it doesn't bother us at all that the current president went AWOL from the national guard for a year, was an alcoholic for most of his life, and lied and cheated his way to wealth, since those things don't affect one's opinions of trustworthiness when one isn't smarter than anyone.