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Friday, January 03, 2003

I guess Dodge Durango's haven't been selling well: Daimler-Chrysler seems to have given up on the SUV. There's a new TV ad showing a nurse asking a brain surgeon whether she should buy an SUV or a Dodge Caravan. The doctor answers "Buy a Caravan. It carries more, gets better mileage, and is safer." Or something like that. The patient then speaks up: "I own an SUV!" The whole surgical team then laughs while the patient is put under. As one who believes that SUV stands for "Stupendously Useless Vehicle" I'm glad to see them ridiculed. D-C must have decided that they had little to lose in Durango sales while trying to take Expedition and Tahoe sales away from Ford and Chevy.

My suggestion for their next ad: The Pearly Gates: A guy is explaining to St. Peter how he got there--"I had just run over a Taurus with five people in it, only minor fender damage to my Suburban, when suddenly the Suburban rolled over, crushing my skull." St. Peter says "You're in the wrong place. SUV drivers who endanger everyone, including themselves, aren't allowed in here. It won't be bad for a while, though. There's a long line of others like you waiting to get in down there."