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Saturday, January 25, 2003

Collateral Brain Damage:
GOPTeamLeader gives you the power to quickly voice your opinions and influence your Representatives. Once you become a Leader, you can use to:
  • Learn about and help fellow Republicans running for office in your state, as well as on a federal level;
  • Track and research federal issues and bills of interest to you;
  • Write your local and federal representatives, while accessing official RNC talking points from;
  • Collect GOPoints by completing Action Items and redeem them for collateral of your choice, ranging from coolers to mouse pads.
  • Encourage participation in the political process by building your own Team of activists who you can share information with.
-- From the truly frightening GOP Team Leader web site. Help Bush destroy the world! Get a mouse pad!

Tom Tomorrow has been tracking identical letters to the editor supporting W's ridiculous economic plan which have shown up at papers all over the country. GOP Team Leader is the culprit. If Orwell had known about the Internet, he would have seen this coming.