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Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Call those Congresspeople! You can call the Capitol switchboard at (800) 839-5276 toll free and just ask to be switched to your representative or senator. I just called all three and expressed opposition to war in Iraq and to Bush's proposed elimination of dividend taxes. But there are many choices available! Pick from among the following, or make up your own! (Be sure to include the no war thing, though.)
  • No war in Iraq.
  • No elimination of dividend taxes.
  • Stop supporting Israeli occupation of Palestine.
  • Stop interfering in Venezuela.
  • Stop interfering in Columbia.
  • Repeal the USA Patriot Act.
  • Repeal the awful pork added onto the Homeland Security bill, especially the protection of Eli Lilly from lawsuits.
  • Stop the assault on the environment and make regulators like EPA Director Whitman do their jobs.
  • Provide public funding for election campaigns.
  • Enforce anti-trust law, especially with regard to the media.
  • Raise CAFE mileage standards or raise the federal gasoline tax substantially.
  • Insist that the government honor freedom of information requests as the law requires.
  • Stop the unnecessary harrassment of Arab-Americans and other immigrants.