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Friday, January 03, 2003

Bush preemptively rebutted the Democratic accusations during a tour of his ranch this morning. "I understand the politics of economic stimulus -- that some would like to turn this into class warfare," he said. "That's not how I think. I think about the overall economy and how best to help those folks who are looking for work."-- from the Washington Post in an article about W's proposal for tax cuts on dividends, capital gains, and other benefits for the very rich. With Iraq, Bush has pursued an extremely aggressive policy likely to lead to war, all the while blaming Iraq for being the aggressor for trying to shoot down planes trying to bomb it. Back home, Bush and his Republicrat cronies have pursued full-out class warfare on behalf of the very rich against everyone else, and now they have the gall to accuse anyone who objects of engaging in class warfare. For ten years or more, Wall Street has rewarded companies which have downsized and moved operations to other countries, and Bush wants to reward the already over-privileged stockholders of these companies even further. His policies are designed to remove wealth from the poor people of this country and the world and concentrate it in the hands of the very few at the top. It is all out class warfare, and the Republicans are the ones who started it. And sniveling Democrats like Daschle and Lieberman who deny it are a major part of the problem.