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Friday, December 06, 2002

'Tis the Season for some New Words to Old Tunes

Jingle Bells
Spread out through the fields
Where tiny children play
Some blow up right now
Others hide in prey
Where they’ll all end up
The pilots never know
But one thing seems for certain that
One day those bombs will blow. Hey!

Cluster bombs, cluster bombs,
Cluster bombs away
Oh how sick it is to drop
The cluster bombs that way, Oh!
Cluster bombs, cluster bombs,
Cluster bombs away
Kids will die or lose an eye
So George can have his way.

We Three Kings
We three kings of Washington are
Bearing bombs and tanks from afar
Killing, maiming, regime cha-a-nging
So we can drive our cars. Oh-oh…

Cars to work and cars to school
Cars to go to swimming pools
Cars polluting, drive-by shootings
SUV-driving fools.

We are Cheney, Rumsfeld and Bush
We have all the buttons to push
Mass destruction, re-election
By kicking Saddam’s tush. Oh-oh…

Cars to shop in, cars for love
Cars to run down peacenik doves
Oil guzzling, global sizzling
All for the cars we love.

Little Drummer Boy
Here they come again kaboom-ba-boom-boom!
B-52’s again kaboom-ba-boom-boom!
They carpet bomb again kaboom-ba-boom-boom!
Knock out our water again kaboom-ba-boom-boom!
We’ll drink sewage again kaboom-ba-boom-boom!
This is our doom.

The First Noel
The first Gulf War the president did say
Unto gullible media like the heads on Today
That Saddam was a threat and must be put away
So they bombed and they killed but Saddam’s there today
Gulf War, Gulf War, Gulf War, Gulf War
Does anyone know what we really fight for?

And now, in the White House, there’s a new Bush at play
He says the same crap about Saddam Hussein
That he’s evil that he’s bad that he threatens us all
That more Iraqis must die so we can have their oil
Gulf War, Gulf War, Gulf War, Gulf War
Does anyone know what we really fight for?

Twelve Days of Christmas
On the 12th day of Christmas my government gave to me:
12 months in jail
11 degrees warming
10 less amendments
9 crappy judges
8 more toxins
7 unlawful combatants
6 GMO’s
4 01 k’s
3 Henry K’s
2 jobs left
and a Department of Homeland Security!