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Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Russia and India oppose unilateral action and threats
Russia and India have supported efforts to ensure Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction but have expressed concern about possible U.S. military action. Putin and Vajpayee, in a wide-ranging joint declaration, urged efforts to spur Iraq to cooperate with international inspectors searching for weapons of mass destruction. "Both sides strongly oppose unilateral use or threat of use of force in violation of the U.N. charter as well as interference in the internal affairs of other states,'' they said. "A comprehensive settlement of the possible only through political and diplomatic efforts in strict conformity with the rules of international law and only under the aegis of the United Nations.'' -- from Reuters via NY Times.

Hey George, those are two REALLY BIG countries with plenty of weapons of mass destruction. Both are far more concerned about another WMD club member, Pakistan, than they are about a few barrels of mustard gas that Saddam might have hiding under his bed. Both clearly have their own agendas and are happy to use your "war on terrorism" nonsense to support the suppression of rebels within their borders, but you are playing with serious fire if you ignore what these countries have to say.