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Monday, December 02, 2002

Politics in the Zeros ideas for peace:
  1. Help create a Palestinian homeland that all the players can live with. Note I said "help create", not "force everyone with the barrel of a gun". There will be no peace in the Mideast until there is a Palestinian homeland. If we genuinely work towards this goal, and mean it, we defuse huge amounts of tension and hostility.
  2. Price gas at $4-5 a gallon. Europe already does this. Use the money to move as fast as possible to high mpg cars and renewable energy. That way we won't need outside oil nearly as much. Plus we will no longer have a reputation for being energy pigs.
  3. Stop sticking our nose in everyone's business. North Korea has nukes? Let China deal with it - if they choose to. They are next to North Korea and have far more at stake than us. It is not our problem. China has been around several thousand years more than us. I'm guessing they can deal with it. Maybe better than we can.
  4. Repeat the above logic for the multitude of other countries we insist on telling what do to. If they need help, let them ask. Then be helpful, not imperial.
  5. Apologize for the blind idiocy of our foreign policy that has aliented most of the planet.