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Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Hillary worried about SAM's: Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton sent letters to Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge and NY Governor George Pataki asking for increased security against portable surface-to-air missiles like those fired at an Israeli airliner in Kenya last week. The CNN article also quotes James Kallstrom, director of New York State's Office of Public Security, about SAM security issues.

This is bizarre, to say the least. A SAM was most likely to blame for the explosion of TWA 800 in 1996, regardless of what the FBI said. The FBI's investigation was headed by none other than James Kallstrom, and the conclusions it reached were based much more on political pressure from the Clinton administration than on evidence which included over 100 eyewitnesses who saw something like a missile heading toward the plane shortly before it exploded. I also think that a SAM is one of the most likely causes of the crash of American flight 587 in November 2001. Of course, al Qaeda probably has access to plenty of Stinger SAM's that we provided them back in the '80's when we called them "freedom fighters" instead of "terrorists." In reality, their methods haven't changed, only their targets.