Monday, April 17, 2006

Our government has no integrity!

Excellent line, Jack! Good show tonight. I especially liked the music. Heller's entrance to the Western White House, with Martha Logan looking on, had a nice impressionistic-sounding soundtrack, while Chloe's arrival at Buchanan's house was accompanied by some classic secret-agent music.

The episode seemed pretty low on plot flaws, by "24" standards, but there were a few.

First, doesn't anybody think to make a COPY of a recording before using it to expose, threaten, blackmail, whatever? Not Evelyn. Not Jack. Not Wayne. Not the bank guy. Not Audrey. Not Heller. I realize how difficult this would be in this day and age, when most cellphones and PDA's and computers have recording capabilities, when all you need to do is call ANY phone with an answering machine or voicemail. Heck, the NSA probably has a dozen copies of the conversation!

Okay. We'll let that slide and pretend that Evelyn's recorder is a precious, irreplaceable piece of evidence. So Jack's idea is to give it to the only guy in the known universe who can take him down with one punch, 70-year-old James Heller. Heller's idea of a secure hiding place is giving it to his secret-service guy and having him stand around at an airport, where it's likely to be tracked down. Hey guys--why not take Jack, Audrey AND the recording on board that nice jet and fly incognito out to Vandenburg, or Saugus, or Visalia, or Las Nieves, or maybe Catalina? Or maybe just stay airborne until something is figured out.

And what happened to Aaron? Was his cellphone on the ground supposed to indicate that he has been taken out, or was it some sort of message to Martha? If he was taken out, WHO took him out? Does Logan have some other Secret Service agent in on the plot with him? After his earlier heroics, it would be really cruel for the show to just kill him off-screen.

Interestingly gruesome tit-for-tat. Jack shoots Henderson's woman in the leg, so Henderson cuts Jack's woman in the arm. I was wondering why Audrey was wearing white while sneaking around all over LA--the blood wouldn't show on black. Probably a reference to some horror movie I never saw as well.


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