Tuesday, April 11, 2006

If you want the details, I'll write you a report

I'll bet Miles insists on that report of Chloe's bathroom activities, too. I think that scene was even better than Chloe's Rambo moment last season. (Also, I think it's the first hint in five seasons that anyone has used a restroom for anything besides a secret phone call. And haven't the CTU restrooms had doors on them in previous seasons? That looked like the high-volume doorless type you'd see at a sports stadium.)

BTW, Kiefer has been signed to play Jack Bauer through 2009. There's going to be a Season Eight? I sure hope they hire some writers.

So Evelyn's kid has literal blood on her hands, but none of the figurative kind, until she goes into the bathroom to wash the literal stuff off. She decides to break down in tears there, forcing her mother out of bed, which causes Mom to pass out. The kid then dials 911, which for some reason insists on knowing the victim's full name before knowing where the victim is. So now the kid has figurative blood on her hands as well. Maybe Jack should have told her that if she called 911, she should give another name. You got your contract extended for shoddy work like this?

Couldn't Jack and Wayne have worked out a better way to get the bank president to open the vault? Or maybe just get Chloe to unlock it for them? (She could probably do that while on the toilet.) Maybe all of her computers are still tied up measuring percent pressure levels at gas distribution centers. At least give the guy a chance to recognize Wayne as David's brother--he would probably have gone along with them since he admired David. (Totally unrealistic, BTW. Must be the only bank president in the country who would have admired a black Democratic president.) Instead, Jack and Wayne got the guy killed, and left his wife to slowly dehydrate in her home, bound and gagged by four ties, which she probably gave to the guy for Christmas. How ironic.

So Audrey's dad is going to give Logan some Heller? The Van Nuys Airport seems to come up alot in 24--wasn't that where Kim first escaped from her college-boy captors in season one, fleeing down the alleyways of male prostitution? I used to live less than two miles from the Van Nuys Airport, which is why I'm qualified to write this blog.

If/when they ever explain what Logan is up to, I wonder if the inconsistencies with the first 14 hours or so will be kept in double digits, or will they explode into the hundreds or thousands? One I can think of right off. If David Palmer knew Logan was up to something, why was it imperative for him to tell the First Lady, whose loyalty and sanity would clearly be in question, as well as her ability to do anything about it. Surely as a respected former president (we used to have some, a long time ago) he knows some reporters (or bank presidents) who would be delighted to quote him on background. And another thing--when did Evelyn have time to go to a bank? Hadn't she been at the western White House from the time Martha stuck her made-up face in the sink back around 7:30 AM until she left the compound about an hour and a half ago?

So what is Logan up to?


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