Nothing makes me happier than my family! My beautiful wife and adventurous, little boy make even the hardest days a thousand times brighter. To them I owe much more than all I am!

I am also most happy to know that God speaks today. You can listen to living Apostles of Jesus Christ, and find out for yourself if their words are truly from Him. (see Ephesians 4:11–13, John 16:13, John 7:17, and Moroni 10:3–5)

Come listen to living prophets

Thoughts on Easter

My Family
My wife, Shaunae; my son, Andrew; and me
First Birthday
Andrew's first birthday
View from Sunset Peak, above Alta, UT
Sunset Peak (10648 ft). I didn't know until after the hike that a nearby peak is named Mount Wolverine!
On Cascade Mountain
Minor summit, Cascade Mountain (10760 ft)
Climbing a tree in the Amazon
In a flooded stretch of forest (igapó) between the Rio Negro and the Rio Solimões, where the two converge to form the mighty Amazon
Rappelling in Dry Canyon, Utah
Rappelling in Dry Canyon, Utah.